A Way to Lessen your Impact!

Enviro-U is a website developed in order to help you improve your environmental lifestyle and help you lessen the day-to-day impact! Through this website you will find various tips and tricks in order to help lessen the environmental footprint in order to make the planet a little more green.

Explore Our Various Topics and Go Further Beyond!

Out tips and tricks section offers advice in areas such as water usage, electricity, and heat/gas usage in the house. Each of these sections explains why the change would be beneficial and gives an explination of how each area impacts the environment. These will use citations from various journal articles in the field. These will be cited in a seperate section so that you may use to oppourtunity to read them for yourselves and go further beyond and learn!


This website was done as a project for a Website Design class and may be lacking in some areas of information and design. I hope you still enjoy this tour through some small environmental tips and tricks!